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What is the future of website development?

What is the future of website development? Will automation cost developers jobs? It seems that in the future, it will not be necessary to have a lot of knowledge of coding to create a website, you will just have to be creative and you will be able to create a website, today no one wants to spend much money in creating a website and Everyone wants a quick and cheap website. For this, the number of people involved in creating a website will be less and the cost will also be the same. Today, there are many ways in which only one designer can create a complete website.

Creating a website, designing it, running it, marketing it is the work of just one person today and it does not require many people,

Automation is everywhere today, whether you want to create a website, write content or do designing, it does not mean that there will be no need of humans at all, but it is certain that the work which used to require 5 people can be done by 1 person. Can with the help of automation.

No matter how complex a website is, it can be built cheaply. Spending lakhs of rupees on a website is really foolish now.

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